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Manage simulation resources like models, scenarios, exercises and many more in a 100% browser-based solution that serves small teams or thousands of users.

aditerna SRP is an integrated tool suite for effectively managing today’s simulation environments. Providing unique capabilities for managing all aspects of your simulation environment and being fully MSaaS-ready, aditerna SRP is the first choice for professionally managing any simulation environment.

M&S users are faced with many challenges

Today’s complex environment presents M&S users with many challenges.

  • Rapidly changing security environment requires efficient and agile scenario development
  • Faster response times demand significant reduction of exercise preparation time
  • Tight budgets demand smart acquisition strategies and extended cooperation; less personnel
  • User expectations are driven by commercial games, plus need for flexible access (in-theatre, etc.) from various devices
  • User-specific training, tailored to individual needs

Whether simulation is used training, exercises, test & evaluation or for decision support, it is important that it is effective and delivered most cost-efficient.

The Complexity Challenge

Effective simulation environments require seamless orchestration of the key elements:

Get the basics right.

Efficient development and execution of simulation environments requires experts from various domains. Well-designed processes with appropriate tool support ensure smooth process compatibility and maximum effectivity.

Models & Services
The very core of a simulation environment are the models, whether 3-d models, terrain models, or sophisticated sensor models.

In addition to models and simulation systems, each simulation environment requires integration and augmentation with specific tools, e.g. for data recording, fault analysis, etc.

It’s all about people! This is even more true for complex simulation environments. Having the right people executing the right tasks is crucial.


Spread out around the world or just next door – Find what your team is working on. See what other departments have achieved. Evaluate the results of subsidiaries for the proposal you are working on. aditerna SRP brings you all simulation related information to your desk.

Intuitive Access

Are you able to work your way through your favorite news site? Can you find what you need on amazon? If so, then you will find aditerna SRP easy to handle and intuitive to use. It is user-friendly and based on latest technology to give you intuitive access to all your M&S assets!

Right Size

aditerna SRP is not one size fits all. aditerna SRP is the size which fits you! The flexible approach allows you to start with a few modules only and add content and functionality gradually or you go all-in right away. We have a solution that is just right for you.


Learn more about your business. Which model is used frequently? Which is not used often, but the company has spent much time and effort to build it? Know what you have and where and how it is used!

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