aditerna SRP provides key capabilities like M&S Resource Management, Training and Exercise Management and M&S as a Service.

Our innovative solution makes simulation accessible to a broad user community and effectively improves simulation usage in application domains such as training, exercises, capability planning and test & evaluation.

aditerna SRP supports users in all application domains by bringing simulation environments and relevant information to the point of need. Rapidly deployable simulations through M&S as a Service give users to instantaneous access to the right training, analysis or mission rehearsal capabilities in a constantly changing security environment.

SRP Core

The SRP Core includes all basic infrastructure capabilities and the M&S Resource Management capabilities.

M&S Resource Management
Resource Repository
Information Harvesting
Basic Infrastructure Functions
Knowledge Database
Security Management
AI Engine
Scenario Management
Scenario Editing
Scenario Development
Training Management
Trainee Management
Courses & Training
Exercise Management
Objectives Management
Exercise Schedule

Process Support Tools

The Process Support Tools bundle all capabilities for effective and efficient execution of core processes, like Scenario Management and Training & Exercise Management.

Execution Support Tools

The Execution Support Tools provide M&S as a Service (MSaaS) capabilities as well as integrations into existing simulators and further external systems.

M&S as a Service
Configuration Management
Virtualization Technology
Cloud Deployment
Integrations & API
Sim Integration
3rd Party Tools
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