M&S as a Service

aditerna SRP allows on-demand one-click execution of simulation environments (M&S as a Service) , thus giving users access to simulation whenever needed, wherever needed and in the required fidelity.

aditerna SRP is the only commercially available tool that is fully MSaaS-ready.

Step 1: User identifies Training/Exercise Need

Once a user has identified a training/exercise need, aditerna SRP provides him an overview of readily available simulation environments.

Step 2: One-Click Execution

Deploying and executing a simulation environment is as easy as pushing a single button.

Step 3: On-Demand Simulation Environment

The simulation environment that satisfies the users training/exercise needs is available on-demand. Without extensive support from subject matter experts, any user can execute simulation environments whenever and wherever he needs.

Integrated M&S Repository

  • aditerna SRP provides an integrated repository for storage of M&S resources like models, datasets, simulation systems, tools, results etc.
  • Integrated M&S repository provides version control and allows easy handling of all types of M&S resources
  • Out-of-the-box support for Docker containers

Cloud Computing Environment

  • aditerna SRP deploys simulation environments into public, private or hybrid cloud computing environments
  • Support for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
  • Easy integration into private cloud environments and government-owned cloud computing platforms
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