M&S Resource Management

M&S resources like models, scenarios, exercises and many more are high-value assets. Professional management of these resources is crucial.

The M&S Resource Management capabilities enable management of simulation resources like models, scenarios, exercises and many more in a 100% browser-based solution that serves small teams or thousands of users.

The strength of aditerna SRP is the integrated knowledge database that stores all information about simulation resources from inception along their whole lifecycle in combination with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for creating smart connections and sophisticated big data analysis.

Quick Overview

  • Find all important information in the SRP Cockpit
  • See recent changes and updates of your M&S assets at a glance
  • Promote specific M&S assets
  • Access your tasks and navigate through the workflow

Detailed Information

  • Easily find all important information about your M&S assets
  • Benefit from support for various asset types like models, scenarios, etc.
  • Drill down for further information on each M&S asset

Search and Filter

  • Enjoy the intuitive search and filter functionality to find what you are looking for
  • Narrow down search results by individual filters
  • Configure your search and filter results individually

Requirements Management

  • Add and manage requirements for your M&S assets
  • Improve team performance with sophisticated collaboration functionalities that support your processes
  • Manage version control of your M&S assets
  • Use predefined settings or easy-to-configure workflows to make sure aditerna SRP matches your way of working
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