Scenario Management

Scenarios are the driver of your simulation environments.

They encapsulate the initial state of a simulation and the course of events. Scenarios contain a wealth of knowledge are one of the most critical and expensive resources.

aditerna SRP provides all functionalities to treat these high-value investments with the necessary care.

Professional Scenario Management

  • Keep a library of scenarios to maximize re-use
  • Standardize scenario documentation for ease-of-use
  • Benefit from scenario recommendations based on automated training assessment

Collaborative Scenario Development

  • Easily work together on a scenario – without sending around spreadsheets and worrying about manually merging changes and updates.
  • Always work on the latest version and easily manage comments and updates.
  • Maintain scenario knowledge while personnel rotates and environments are changing.


Professional Documentation

  • Benefit from fully version-controlled scenario development
  • Documentation templates simplify scenario development and standardize your documentation
  • Use built-in workflows for quality assurance and approval of scenarios.
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