Training & Exercise Mangement

Effectively executing training and exercises requires careful preparation to maximize trainee benefits.

aditerna SRP supports all phases from design through execution to evaluation of training and exercises.

Training & Exercise Repository

  • Easily define training & exercise objectives and link them to the underlying scenarios
  • Support for whole training/exercise planning and execution process
  • Store training events and exercises, keep track of training/exercise effectiveness, and reuse training/exercise content to maximize efficiency

Smart Connections

  • Training and exercises are connected with required models, simulations and input data
  • Documentation templates guide every planner easily through the process and make sure you capture all relevant information
  • Upload attachments and further information to keep everything together in one place

Traceability and Recommendations

  • Full traceability of scenarios, models and simulation systems used in each training event and exercise
  • Smart recommendations for future training events and exercises
  • Compare unit readiness objectives (e.g., in terms of required trainings/exercises) to actual readiness status
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